Complete Electrical Services Available in Stoneham

All-Tech Electric handles commercial and residential electrical needs. Call (800) 322-6057 or (781) 322-6057.

Electrical Services Stoneham MA

Experienced Residential and Commercial Electrical Contractors Serving Stoneham

All-Tech Electric is proud to offer quality work with unmatched customer service. Serving the Greater Boston Area since 1990, All-Tech aims to meet all of Stoneham’s electric needs. Over the past three decades, All-Tech has become the Stoneham community’s first choice for their residential and commercial electrical needs. All-Tech offer a range of electrical services, from systems and appliance installation to complete wiring for new construction projects.

Comprehensive Electrical Services for your Stoneham Home or Business

A Master Electrician company, All-Tech maintains and impressive team of electricians, technicians, and apprentices who are trained to handle diverse electrical problems that present themselves in residential and commercial contexts throughout Stoneham. No matter the facility or scale of the problem, All-Tech is sure to meet the needs of your Stoneham home or commercial facility. We are also capable of performing emergency service upon request.

Putting Stoneham Customers First

If your Stoneham business needs an extensive electrical repair that demands specific troubleshooting techniques, or if your Stoneham home requires a fast and simple repair, All-Tech Electric treats each customer with respect and integrity. All-Tech routinely performs design and installation service as well as energy efficiency evaluations. We are also proud to offer hot-spot and damaged insulation identification by means of infrared scanning.

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