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Electrical Services Malden MA

Malden’s Experts in All Electrical Services

Malden homeowners and business owners know how inconvenient electrical problems can become. For major industrial projects or commercial spaces, electrical inefficiencies can cost money. With a Master Electrician’s license, All-Tech Electric maintains a team of professional technicians with in-depth training in fire codes, energy conservation, and building inspection. Whether you need a small wiring repair for your Malden home or you need to wire a newly constructed building, All-Tech can meet your needs.

Infrared Electrical Scanning Available in Malden

All-Tech Electric is proud to have the expertise and equipment to offer electrical inspections in Malden by means of thermal imaging. Our thermography equipment sets the standard in predictive maintenance technology, identifying electrical hot spots in your Malden business. These are particularly useful in large facilities where handheld equipment would be dangerous or cumbersome to use. All-Tech’s team will diagnose anything from damaged insulation to electrical hot spots.

A Variety of Services Available in Malden

In addition to performing emergency repairs and basic installations, All-Tech Electric also performs such diverse services as television and cable wiring services and smoke detector installations. All-Tech installs generators and performs outdoor wiring services for Malden homes and businesses. In addition, All-Tech Electric’s team of experts undertakes installation and maintenance of emergency systems. Explosion-proof and energy efficient installations for our Malden clients is our priority at All-Tech Electric.

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